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House Cleaning
in Cape Coral

House cleaning in Cape Coral is one of the main services of our company!
We can handle any cleaning task in your home. The list of our capabilities
includes a full range of services based on the “single window” principle.

Cleaning company in Cape Coral

Cleaning company in Cape Coral Goldmillio provides tidy household cleaning services for houses, residentials, apartments, condos, and offices in Cape Coral, Florida. The maid service we provide is aimed at deep cleaning (general) and regular cleaning. We can be considered a deep house cleaners company because most of our clients are served on an ongoing basis, according to our formula for maintaining cleanliness:

«The best house cleaning includes: home deep cleaning with once a half a year frequency, and regular weekly or bi-weekly cleaning»

Deep Cleaning from Goldmillio - Team

Benefits of working with Goldmillio

High-quality cleaning with fair prices

The principle of the Goldmillio company is that high-quality cleaning should be affordable!

“Single window” approach

We provide a full range of cleaning services in Cape Coral

Working hours 24/7

Our cleaning team works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Professional cleaner service in Cape Coral

Professional cleaner service - Goldmillio

Professional cleaner service in Cape Coral by Goldmillio, which we offer for residents of Cape Coral and Fort Myers, are aimed at making your house clean. Our home cleaning professionals carry out cleaning of residential properties, apartments, as well as professional deep cleaning of houses.

Professional maid cleaning is what we devote all our time to. Our crew is small, but we value our reputation for performing housekeeping cleaning and organizing the leaving spaces by putting things in their places. Therefore, we make all work with the highest quality, with the obligatory using of a checklist for cleaning a house professionally, and taking into account all your wishes. No matter what services you need: house maid cleaner, deep maid cleaner or housekeenig, you can trust Goldmillio, your professional residential cleaners.

    Deep cleaning

    Deep cleaning from Goldmillio

    Your house will be like new if you entrust it to us for a few hours! Choose deep cleaning to make your home perfectly clean!

    Pressure washing

    A pressure washer helps us to clean your driveway flawlessly. And not only it

    Window cleaning

    Window cleaning from Goldmillio

    We clean windows both outside and inside. And even if they are located very high, be sure that we can handle them too

    Carpet cleaning

    Carpet cleaning from Goldmillio

    We clean carpets and clean stains from them using only products that are safe for health

    Upholstery/couch cleaning

    Upholstery cleaning from Goldmillio

    Upholstered furniture needs to be cleaned not only to be beautiful, although this is important. It’s essential for your health

    Move in/out

    Move in-out cleaning from Goldmillio

    Cleaning after leaving or before fresh start in a new house is highly necessary because there are always exist the hard-to-reach places that haven’t been cleaned for a long time. We know how to work with such pollutions

    Checklist: cleaning list for house cleaner

    Bedroom / Living room

    • Dust and wipe surfaces, blinds, baseboards
    • Dust light fixtures
    • Vacuum upholstered furniture
    • Clean mirrors
    • Vacuum and mop floors (including carpets)
    • Empty tresh bin


    • Sanitize toilet, shower, tub
    • Wipe and sanitize sink, faucets
    • Clean cabinets exterior
    • Clean mirrors
    • Vacuum and mop floors
    • Empty tresh bin


    • Wipe and sanitize counters
    • Clean cabinets exterior
    • Wipe and sanitize kitchen appliance
    • Sanitize faucets, sink and handles
    • Vacuum and mop floors


    • Dust the furniture
    • Wet wipe the furniture
    • Wash glass patio door
    • Clean the glass table top
    • Vacuum and mop floors

    Home Office

    • Dust and wipe down surfaces
    • Dust electronics
    • Vacuum and mop floors


    • Dust and wipe down surfaces, shelves
    • Laundry appliances cleaning
    • Vacuum and mop floors

    Regular cleaning

    Regular house cleaning (standard cleaning) is a recurring maintenance service aimed at preserving the overall cleanliness and tidiness of a home. It encompasses essential cleaning tasks to sustain a basic level of hygiene and order.

    In case, when standard (regular) cleaning is performed according to a schedule on an on-going base, your house will deffinetely be cleen all the time. The recommend frequency is weekly or bi-weekly house cleaning. If there are kids and/or pets in the house, it is better to use weekly house cleaner plan to maintain the cleanliness.

    Standard cleaning includes: dusting and washing all the surfaces exteriory, entire floor vacuuming with HEPA filter vacuum, floor mopping. Such cleaning takes about 2-5 hours depending on the size and condition of the house. Typically, team of 2-3 professionals will have your home spotlessly clean within just 1.5 to 2.5 hours, ensuring minimal disruption to your day. This cleaning involves baseboards, periodically cleaning ceiling fans and removing cobwebs wipe blinds, interior cabinets/drawers, detailed scrubbing, chandeliers, cobwebs. Regular cleaning does not include the cleaning of kitchen cabinet tops, ceiling tops, and any interior items on them, nor does it involve detailed scrubbing of various surfaces. All this services are included in deep cleaning. But you have an opportunity to add to the base package any services you wish, as addtionals and with separate price.

    It is important to understand that regular cleaning is aimed at maintaining cleanliness in the house or apartment. This type of cleaning will not cope with a very dirty and neglected room. In order to clean a house that has not been cleaned for a long time or a very neglected room, use a deep cleaning service.

    Deep cleaning

    When it comes to ensuring the utmost cleanliness and hygiene in your cherished living spaces, there’s no substitute for a professional deep cleaning homes. Whether you reside in a cozy condo or a spacious house, our best deep cleaners at Goldmillio Cleaning Company is here to elevate the cleanliness and comfort of your home.

    Our deep house cleaning service is specially crafted to provide a perfect clean, eradicating hidden dirt, grime, and allergens that can accumulate over time. We employ cutting-edge equipment, eco-friendly and Green Seal sertified cleaning products to ensure an unparalleled level of cleanliness while prioritizing the health of your family, pets and the environment.

    General house cleaning duties list:detailed inspection for a thorough and comprehensive cleaning process, dusting, wiping, and cobweb removal, cleaning doors, blinds, window sills, and baseboards, fans and chandeliers, mirrors and glass surfaces cleaning (washing windows on request), household appliance and electronic devices cleaning (microwave – inside and out, fridge and oven – out, and inside on request), cabinet and drawer cleaning outside (cleaning inside on request), conditioning of leather/artificial leather furniture, floor vacuuming and mopping, bathroom cleaning and sanitization, fllor vacuuming and moping, disinfection, trash removal.

    As additional services, you can order window washing, upholstery and carpet cleaning, removal of hard and old spots, bed making and other options. Such cleaning takes about 6-12 hours, depending on the size and condition of the home, team of 3-4 people and requires a lot of attention and more professional equipment.

    Check out the average professional cleaner cost for house cleaning in Cape Coral below.

    House cleaning cost in Cape Coral, Florida

    House cleaning in Cape COral from Goldmillio LLC

    House cleaning cost in Cape Coral can be calculated by knowing the characteristics of your property: total area, number of rooms, number of bathrooms, the need to clean carpets to clean the lanai and sliders, to make the bed and the level of dust in the house, laundry room, etc.

    But, most home owners want to know an approximate amount in order to understand the level of cleaning costs. For this there is an average cost house cleaning. In the Goldmillio company, it is calculated based on the characteristics of the house: for a house with 3 bedrooms (including hot office) and 2 bathrooms standard (regular) cleaning has the home cleaning quote charge around $150 (for bi-weekly cleaning) and deep cleaning costs around $350. Separately, it is worth highlighting the weekly cleaner cost and bi-weekly house cleaning cost when collaborating with Goldmillio on an ongoing basis. This cost is always negotiable. We do our best to accommodate our clients.

    Many cleaning services in Cape Coral often provide estimates based on the average hourly cost for house cleaning. Some companies set fixed hourly rates for various cleaning tasks, including apartment cleaning rates, floor cleaning rates, and others. While aiming for reasonable house cleaning rates, this approach can sometimes lead to increased overall cleaning costs. However, we don’t operate in this manner as it conflicts with our core principle: delivering high-quality cleaning services that remain affordable.

    It should be noted that the cost of cleaning varies based on the frequency (once a week, once every two weeks, monthly, or ccasional), and it depends on the level of upkeep between cleanings, the number of additional services required, the presence of pets, the quantity of interior items and household knick-knacks, as well as the number of hard-to-reach areas in thehouse. Nevertheless, we always strive to find a compromise and agree on a suitable price that corresponds to the quantity and quality of the cleaning services provided.

    Cleaning estimate

      Estimate cleaning cost of cleaning by the Goldmillio company is always free. This is necessary primarily in order to solve 2 problems.

      Firstly, we must know exactly what problems and difficulties we will have to face during cleaning in order to prepare special equipment.

      Secondly, based on the first point, add up the fair cost for your cleaning task. Therefore, we always carry out a cleaning estimate before starting the cleaning and negotiate a price.

      House cleaning price

      There are many online calculators that can accumulate the house cleaning prices. But in real life, as we said above, this cost may turn out to be incorrect and, often, overpriced. And yet, we can provide you with an approximate house cleaning listings of prices, that include full housing cleaning quotes.

      When you need to find “house cleaning rates near me” for your apartment, you should know the average housekeeping prices for cleaning.

      Standard house cleaning price

      Home cleaning service price includes:

      Dust and wipe the surfaces✔️
      Kitchen cleaning✔️
      Bathroom cleaning✔️
      Clean mirrors✔️
      Microwave inside and out✔️
      Polish Stainless steel appliances✔️
      All kitchen appliances outside✔️
      Dust/ wipe baseboards, blinds, and window sills✔️
      Laundry room✔️
      Lanai cleaning✔️
      Home office cleanig✔️
      Clean mirrors✔️
      Vacuum and mop floors✔️
      Empty tresh bins✔️
      Total cost (2-3bds/2 ba house, up to 2000 sq. f.)$150
      Duration of work:3-3,5 hours

      When choosing a service, read our article: House deep cleaning vs regular cleaning. This will allow you to make the right choice and order the cleaning that you need.

      IMPORTANT!!! The full list of services in the regular cleaning package is relevant only if the house has already been previously deep cleaned. Part of the list of services in the standard cleaning cannot be performed without a general cleaning. If the house has not been deep cleaned for a long period of time, we cannot offer you the entire list of services in the regular cleaning package.

      Deep house cleaning price

      General domestic cleaning service price includes:

      Dust and wipe the surfaces (+ all hard-to-reach places) ✔️
      Wipe/wash all baseboards✔️
      Dust/wet wipe blinds. window sills✔️
      Dust/wet wipe exterior cabinets/drawers✔️
      Dust/wet wipe doors and door frames✔️
      Detailed scrubbing in places where it is needed✔️
      Dust/wet wipe ceiling fans, chandeliers✔️
      Clean cobwebs✔️
      Detailed general kitchen cleaning✔️
      Detailed general Bathroom cleaning✔️
      Clean mirrors✔️
      Microwave inside and out✔️
      All kitchen appliances outside✔️
      Polish Stainless steel appliances✔️
      Laundry room✔️
      Vacuum and mop floors✔️
      Empty tresh bins✔️
      Total cost (2-3bds/2 ba house, up to 2000 sq. f.)$350
      Duration of work:6-7 hours
      Cleaning team2-3 cleaners

      Additional house cleaning service prices

      We show cost an approximate ranges because many factors can affect the price.

      Window cleaning *$190-$400
      Pressure washing **$100-$500
      Carpet and rug cleaning ***$60-$145 (per one room)
      Move in and move out cleaning$350-$850
      Upholstery and couch cleaning$75-$350

      Learn more about the prices of different types of cleaning services. Read our articles about cleaning costs:

      * more about window cleaning cost

      ** more about pressure washing cost

      *** more about carpet cleaning cost

      House cleaning service near me

      Local cleaning company Goldmillio will be glad to assist you. We specialize in housekeeping in my area: Cape Coral, Fort Myers and all nearby regions.

      Looking for house cleaning? Our professional cleaning services are available on a monthly housekeeping schedule to ensure your home is regularly maintained and kept to the highest standard. Additionally, you can customize the frequency of cleaning as you wish.

      Perhaps you are interested in one-time cleaning, and you are looking for detailed house cleaning service near me or condo cleaning near me, then you have come to the right place.

      Find local cleaner

      Check out Goldmillio cleaning company location at the map:

      Cleaning service review in Cape Coral

      When choosing a cleaning company, be sure to take into account the cleaning service review about it. In the reviews you will always find both advantages and disadvantages of cleaners. Take this into account when making your selection.

      Making the home clean for each of our clients is the mission of Goldmillio cleaning. Please read our customer house cleaning reviews from Google.

      Based on 42 reviews
      Robyn Kuennemeier
      Robyn Kuennemeier
      My house looked amazing after the cleaning! I am a picky person when it comes to cleaning. I had a friend that had her own cleaning company and I thought she was the best but this company is right there with her. Thank you so much for being so good at what you do and to have great personalities along with it. Love, love, love you guys! ❤️ 😍 💖
      N A
      N A
      Punctuality ✅ Professionalism ✅ Quality service ✅ We had them do our windows, sliders, driveway and bathroom vents. They did an excellent job. My wife and I couldn’t stop talking about how clean the windows are. We bought our house new in 2015 and have never had the windows cleaned until now especially after hurricane Ian. We have some upgrades to get done on our home (interior paint, new flooring etc) after it’s all done we plan on using them for one deep cleaning and then regular cleaning afterwards. Reasonable pricing and worth every penny :)
      Laura Vinje
      Laura Vinje
      I’m so pleased with this company! They have cleaned my house twice. Each time cleaning with detail. I will have them come on a regular basis!
      Kim Keech
      Kim Keech
      I would definitely recommend Goldmillio Cleaning. They responded quickly to my initial call. They showed up on time and were very conscientious in their work. I had my bedroom carpets and indoor area rugs cleaned.
      Diane Trent
      Diane Trent
      Goldmillio cleaning team is outstanding. They worked very hard for 4 hours deep cleaning my home. It looks wonderful.
      marie laidler
      marie laidler
      Lana was very good at communicating (services offered, price, date & time of appt, reminder, etc). They did an excellent job of cleaning our house with lots of attention to detail. We are very pleased and highly recommend their services.
      Miss Vivian
      Miss Vivian
      The house had gotten behind in routine cleaning, and I was relieved when Goldmillio LLC was recommended. I requested the following: floor to ceiling, wall to wall cleaning in the house; the lanai, oh my, the lanai; the outside front entryway. You should see it ~ you would know what five stars means. They will now be doing our regular cleaning. Get them if you still can!
      Andrew Braunberger
      Andrew Braunberger
      They were very professional and thorough. My place feels like home again! I highly recommend them.
      Lindsay Boyan
      Lindsay Boyan
      Had a deep clean after a bathroom remodel. There was dust everywhere after 8 weeks of work and it was a JOY to come home to a clean house. Smelled great. No dust left anywhere. Highly recommend.

      Home cleaning projects

      We constantly publish a portfolio of cleanings we have performed. You can find all our published works in the Portfolio section. Below are the latest ones. Read them, maybe you will be interested:

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      Pressure washing in Cape Coral – Feb 14, 2024
      Description of objects for cleaning Object: home In Cape Coral, 2,300 square feet. …

      FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

      How much does it cost for house cleaning?

      The price for house cleaning depends on the size of your property, whether ti is a house or a condo. The average cost for a regular house cleaning is around $150, and for a deep cleaning is around $350. If the size of your home is more than 2000 sq f, the price will be higher. The price for house cleaning will also increase due to the ordering of additional services. We are sure that you will consider our prices to be quite affordable, especially when you take into account the excellent service provided by your professional cleaner Goldmillio.

      What’s included in a house cleaning?

      House cleaning includes the cleaning of all living and non-living premises, such as bedroom, living rooms bathrooms, kitchen, home office, lanai, laundry room. All surfaces are dusted, wiped down, washed and dryed, floors are vacuumed and mopped, the uphosltery are vacuumed and conditioned. Please, note, that window washing is a separate service, that has its own price. Nevertheless, the window sills and blinds are included in house cleaning service.

      What includes deep cleaning?

      Deep cleaning includes the thorough general cleaning of all premises and surfaces, and the special attention is paid on the hard-to-reach places and areas. During the deep cleaning we also clean the ceiling fans, chandeliers, remove cobwebs, do detailing long scrubbing and washing where it is needed.

      How to find a housekeeper?

      If you want to find the perfect housekeeper, it’s important to consider the reviews of cleaning services of different companies. These reviews will consistently provide both the strengths and weaknesses of the cleaners. Keep this in mind when making your decision. Choose a proven platform (like Google) to search for reviews.

      What does a house cleaner clean?

      The house cleaners in Goldmillio will clean all the premises, surfaces, furniture, carpets, floors and windows in your home. Window washing is the separate service with the additional price, it is not included in the base house cleaning service package. If you need the deep cleaning for your upholstery or carpets, it will also increase the overall cost for house cleaning. You can customize our house cleaning service as you wish, and add the services you require. Don’t be afraid the price, we are considered, that the high-quality cleaning must be affordable.

      Are house cleaning services worth it?

      Absolutely, the cleaning services worth it, provided you’re someone who appreciates returning to a beautiful and spotless home. If you’re a overwhelmed with a never-ending to-do list and too little time, house cleaning tends to be the last thing on your mind. No one wants a messy home, but let’s face it, nobody really enjoys doing chores either – that’s where Goldmillio comes to the rescue. We have the solution. You will get a service that’s both affordable and offers excellent value for your money.

      Do house cleaners do laundry?

      The laundry is not included in the base house cleaning service packages. But you can order it like the additional service.

      How long does it take to clean a house professionally?

      To clean a house profesionally we need about 3-5 hours for regular cleaning and about 6-12 hours for deep (general) cleaning. The duration of works depends on the size of your property and the level of dirtiness.