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How much does the window cleaning cost and how is it estimated

    The average price for inside and outside window cleaning in a house with 20 standard double hung windows with screens is $320, provided that all the windows are reachable by a person without using a ladder.If some of the windows are located above the 1st floor, the cost of window cleaning increases. Many other factors also influence pricing. Next, we will consider them in more detail.

    Usually, windows in the beautiful and sunny state of Florida, where there is a lot of intense sun, sandstorms and high humidity, have similar problems and contaminants: dust quickly forms on the windows and small particles of debris accumulate. The local climate necessitates a more frequent  cleaning schedule. There are several key reasons why you should pay attention to window cleanliness and clarity in Florida: from improving aesthetics to increasing energy efficiency and extending the life of not only the windows, but the whole window structures. In this article, we’ll take a look at prices, how they are formed, how they vary by window type, and what factors affect them.

    Window cleaning typical costs

    The typical cost of window cleaning can vary depending on their type, size, and kind of service. Generally, the cost for professional services in Cape Coral, Florida can start at around $75 (for the interior side only) for a small sized house (up to 1,200 square feet). For larger houses (from 2,000 square feet), the cost can be as high as $200 or more. Window cleaning services that include cleaning the exterior side will cost more and usually range from $100 to $300, depending on the size of the house. The price can be also counted per window, pane or hour.

    Window cleaning additional сosts

    Besides the basic services that are included in the typical cost, there are supplemental cleaning tasks that determine the additional cost. This cost may arise in cases where access to the windows is difficult for any reason, e.g. bushes growing near the window, windows located high up etc. Supplemental services are also called extra. An extra service can be the removal of difficult stains, like old paint drops. Such work requires the use of more intensive detergents. Moreover, it takes much more  time to complete. It’s important to understand that the basic package of window cleaning includes wiping dust from window sills and frames, but vacuuming is paid separately. An example of an additional service is cleaning patio glass doors leading to the backyard of the house. The price of its cleaning is from $13 to $20 per pane, inside and out. All of the above mentioned work can significantly affect the final cost.

    Window cleaning price factors

    Many cleaning companies write guides with prices for services and offer clients to use a cost calculator  with a booking option. However, often the list of calculator’s functions is not full enough to take into account all the details. In total, you can count on a lower amount when ordering, but the real cost may be higher after on-site estimation. Also remember that pricing for services for commercial property is individual for each case and differs from prices for residential premises.

    Number of windows

    When assessing the cost based on the number of windows, it is important to take into account the share of the windows that are more difficult and take longer to wash. These include windows:

    • with a lot of panes
    • large
    • custom shaped
    • located high

    The cost for each type, considering individual factors of size, format and location, is calculated separately. But the more windows that need to be washed in one visit, the more favorable the overall price.

    The more windows that need to be cleaned, the lower the unit price per one


    The height of the window location in the house also significantly affects the price. Cleaning on upper floors may require special equipment. As well as excellent working skills. All this increases the cost of washing.


    Accessibility to the windows is very important when assessing the cost. If access is complicated by movable small items that can be moved by 2 people without special equipment, this is usually not a problem and does not greatly affect the price. However, if access is blocked by larger objects, for example, big and heavy furniture or other bulky objects, the movement of which requires a large number of people or the use of special equipment, the markup on the standard price will become more noticeable.

    Window type

    The cost of the service varies greatly depending on the type of window. The cheapest are awning and hopper windows. These are small one pane windows. Standard single hung and double hung windows will cost a little higher. The more panes are in windows, the more the total cost increases. The most expensive windows are large, of non-standard shapes, with numerous panes, and diverse designs.


    The level and nature of dirt and stains on windows directly affects the price. Dirt and grime not only limit incoming light and damage the glass but also make cleaning more challenging. Extremely dirty windows may even require a second or even a third round of cleaning, which increases the overall cost.

    Various details

    Not all windows are the same, and some have much more than just glass and frame. Many of these include trim, tracks, blinds, screens, sills and extras, all of which contribute to the overall cost of the cleaning. Most of these components are already included in the basic price, but if your windows are heavily cluttered with additional fixtures.

    Window cleaning estimated price

    Window Cleaning Cost by Type

    The cost of window cleaning depends on the type of window: from $3 to $8 per pane on one side. Different types of windows are subject to cleaning of different complexity. It determines their distinct final cost. Many homes have standard single-hung options with two panes. Options with smaller panes, complex patterns or designs such as bay windows take longer to clean. In the figures below, we have tried to show the most common options and their costs in a table.

    Window Cleaning Cost per Pane

    The cost for 1 pane for a standard single hung window ranges from $4 to $6 for one side, and, accordingly, from $8 to $12 for both sides, interior and exterior. Most often, a window includes double panes, so the cost of cleaning ranges from $16 to $24. If you have the storm windows, which typically have 4 panes, the price will increase to $32-$48. For small panes you will need to pay from $1 to $3 for one side, or $2-$6 for both sides. The overall cost when calculated per pane is roughly the same as the price you would pay if it was based on an hourly rate or per window.

    Window Cleaning Cost per Hour

    Alternatively, if the cleaning company offers a rate per hour, you can anticipate a cost ranging from $40 to $75 per hour for the service. Cleaning glass on floors above the ground floor can cost up to $85 per hour. If it’s a two-person team (for example, washing windows on the second floor requires at least two people for safety reasons), your cost would be $170 per hour. Typically, cleaning an average-sized home (about 2,000 square feet) takes about four hours, resulting in a total cost ranging from $160 to $300.

    Window Cleaning Cost per Window

    The cost for window washing ranges from $6 to $68 per window on both sides. The average cost depends on the type of window and its size. If it is necessary to wash windows at a height that cannot be reached without additional equipment, an increasing index is applied to the cost.The higher price of service for upper floors is due to the fact that workers will have to use ladders to reach the windows and clean them. Complex designs and patterns will also cost more to clean since cleaners will have to do extra work to thoroughly clean them.

    What does window cleaning include?

    Comprehensive Approach

    The majority of cleaning companies wash just glass in windows, which, in our opinion, is not enough for quality service. While creating a price list for this service, Goldmillio cleaning included the mandatory removal of dust from frames and window sills into the basic cost. Our washing technology is as follows:

    1. The windows are raised, a vacuum cleaner is used to vacuum the tracks (frame space). After this, the windows are closed and vacuuming is carried out again. Basically, 2 people work, one outside, one inside, as this speeds up the process. This step is not included in the main price, it is paid separately.

    2. Chemicals are applied depending on the type of origin of the dirt. It can be alkaline, neutral, universal. The entire surface is covered with a spray with a mix of water and cleaner.

    3. Water is removed by a squeegee.

    4. Then the frames are wiped, dirt and excess water are removed.

    5. If dried dirt remains after this, we try to remove it with a blade. If the dirt is soft, we use a microfiber cloth or napkin.

    6. Another chemical is applied, which dries better and does not leave streaks.

    7. Next, the moisture is removed with a squeegee.

    8. The entire surface is treated with absorbent clothes to avoid streaks or smudges.

    Simplified Approach

    There is also a simplified approach to window cleaning. It’s cheaper and faster. It is used at the request of the client or if the level of pollution is low.

    But since this is a superficial approach, frames and window sills are not cleaned. In this case, a vacuum cleaner is not used, only the moisture is removed from the frames with microfiber cloths after washing to make it absolutely dry. If the windows are stained with paint, a simplistic approach will not cope with this type of contamination. In this case, you should order an extra service at an additional cost.

    Professional window cleaning benefits

    Professional window cleaning services have a multitude of benefits that can help protect your home.

    Professional washing:

    1. Removes dirt, grime and other contaminants from your windows. This will help prevent your windows from becoming warped or damaged due to their accumulation.
    2. Helps improve and maintain the great appearance of your house.
    3. Reduces the number of allergens, because it has not only an aesthetic aspect, but also helps to remove the significant amount of dirt and dust in residential areas, keeping the health of the house inhabitants.
    4. Can help reduce energy costs. Clean windows will allow the sun to enter your home more efficiently, helping to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
    5. Becomes an important part of protecting your home from the bad weather. Cleanliness will help keep your windows airtight and protect them from moisture that can cause damage.

    Experienced technicians are equipped with the proper tools to thoroughly clean glass and screens, saving you from having to handle ladders and cleaning products yourself. A professional team can accomplish in a few hours what would take you an entire weekend to do. You’ll agree, it’s nice to save time on cleaning and get on with more important things, spend time with your family or just relax.

    Find window cleaners near you

    When choosing a window cleaning company, it is important to consider a few key factors that will ensure you get the best results. First of all, pay attention to the process the company uses to complete the work. An effective cleaning process ensures that your windows are as clean as possible and free from traces of various contaminants.

    Also please take note of the equipment and facilities that the company uses. Modern and professional equipment facilitates high-quality cleaning, and the use of high-quality products provides long-term protection from dirt and dust. Be sure to read reviews of the company to see what other customers have had.

    In addition, it is worth evaluating the company’s profile in such services as google business profile, google maps, yelp, yellow pages. And, of course, visit the company’s website. It is important that the company has a successful experience of working with different types of windows and glass. You should not limit yourself to choosing a company just because of proximity to your location. Price and quality of services are much more valuable, so consider all of the above factors to choose the best contractor to clean your windows.

    Window cleaning cost in Cape Coral, Florida

    Now you have an understanding of the formation of a price list for cleaning different types of windows, and you can roughly estimate the costs required to do so. We understand that the cost of the service often matters most to homeowners looking to keep their property beautiful and functional, but don’t forget about the quality of the work. As we recommended earlier, you can read reviews of the company, visit their website, social media pages and google maps, for example, by searching for cleaning service in Cape Coral. In this article we have outlined the basic prices and additional costs that affect the total cost of the services. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to make informed decisions when choosing a cleaning company. Whether you choose a comprehensive or simplified approach, the benefits of professional window cleaning are undeniable.


    How much does professional window cleaning cost?

    The average price for a house up to 2000 square feet is about $180-200. There are a lot of factors that can vary this number, such as house size, number of windows and panes, window shapes, location (1-st floor or above), accessibility, dirtiness.

    How much does it cost to get windows cleaned inside and outside?

    If we are talking about standard sized single/double hung windows the price of washing service will be from $16 per one, for both interior and exterior sides.

    How much does window cleaning cost per window in Florida?

    The cheapest rate is for small hopper and awning windows – from $6 per one, inside and out. Average price is about – $20-30. The most expensive is custom shaped, big and diverse designed types of windows.

    What is included in window cleaning?

    Window, sills, frames, screens will be washed and dried. Stains removal is also in the package, but hard-to-clean spots are in extra-list services with additional cost as well as vacuuming.

    How long does it take to clean windows?

    WIndows cleaning can be completed for 2-3 hours for a house up to 2000 square feet.

    How do you clean inside windows?

    We use vacuum cleaner, special chemicals, water, squeegees, scrappers and microfiber cloths. Our equipment and cleaners are certified, professional and safe, and the process of work is fast and high-quality.

    What is the hourly rate for a high-rise window cleaning?

    Cleaning glass on floors above the 1-st floor can cost up to $85 per hour. If it’s a two-person team, your cost would be $170 per hour.