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Window cleaning process

Window cleaning
in Cape Coral

Windows cleaning in Cape Coral is one of Goldmillio’s premium services!
The peculiar climate forces you to monitor the cleanliness of the windows of your home,
otherwise they may lose not only their appearance, but also their functionality. Order a free estimate
from our specialist to find out exactly the cost of cleaning the windows of your home!

Window cleaning in all areas of Cape Coral, FL

The climate in Cape Coral is known for its active sun, strong winds and persistent humidity. As a consequence, windows, both exterior and interior, are prone to rapid soiling and necessitate vigilant care and regular cleaning.
Neglecting the cleanliness of windows not only compromises their visual appeal but also poses the risk of functional deterioration. In the case of windows that can be opened, the delicate fittings may render inoperative, succumbing to the pernicious effects of dust and moisture. The expenses associated with window repair or replacement are notably high. Consequently, the more economical and prudent approach is to preserve their condition through regular cleaning.

«Our company is located in Cape Coral and specializes in cleaning windows of any residence, whether it is a house, apartment, office or commercial premises.»

Windows cleaning in Cape Coral from Goldmillio

Benefits of Window Cleaning Regularly in Cape Coral

Enhanced aesthetics

The right combination of regular cleaning and deep cleaning services maintains the cleanliness and transparency of your windows, improving the overall appearance of your property.

Extended lifespan

Removing dirt, grime, and contaminants from windows helps prevent corrosion and damage, potentially extending the lifespan of your windows.

Natural light optimization

Clean windows allow more natural light to enter your space, creating a brighter and more inviting atmosphere.

Improved indoor air quality

Regular window cleaning eliminates dust, pollen, and other allergens that may accumulate on window surfaces, contributing to better indoor air quality.

Early issue detection

Routine cleaning provides an opportunity to spot early signs of window damage, such as cracks or leaks, allowing for timely repairs and preventing more significant issues.

Energy efficiency

Clean windows maximize the effectiveness of natural sunlight, potentially reducing the need for artificial lighting and contributing to improved energy efficiency.

Professional image

For businesses, clean windows contribute to a professional and well-maintained image, leaving a positive impression on clients, customers, and employees.

Peace of mind

Regular window cleaning eliminates dust, pollen, and other allergens that may accumulate on window surfaces, contributing to better indoor air quality.

Windows cleaner company near me

Looking for “window cleaning company near me”? We are ready to help with solving any problem of wash windows in Cape Coral! Our services include window cleaning both outside and inside of residentals, as well as washing the outdoor windows of large commercial facilities

We are professionals in this business and will cope perfectly with the task of any complexity! We work to make your windows cleaner than the new ones!

Don’t believe?

Order window cleaning and see it with your own eyes!

    Professional approach in window cleaning

    An impeccable result with perfectly clean windows is only possible because we treat our projects professionally and provide top-quality services. Before we get to work, we inspect the object during the free estimate. This is necessary to define what types and sizes of windows, what additional equipment needs to be used, for example, stairs or stepladders. And also, we take into account whether there are interior items or any objects outside (trees, additional buildings) that may interfere with performing high-quality work. Subsequently, we devise a tailored solution that aligns with our high standards to ensure an exceptional window cleaning outcome.

    What does window cleaning include?

    You have two service options to choose from, each of which includes not only cleaning the glass but also the removal of dust from window frames and sills. There are a deep cleaning with comprehensive approach, and regular cleaning with simplified approach. The distinction between these services lies in the depth of cleaning and, consequently, the cost.

    Deep window cleaning (comprehensive approach)

    We suggest opting for the more thorough washing when the windows are particularly dirty and haven’t been cleaned for an extended period.

    The deep window cleaning process consists of:

    • Vacuuming window tracks (frame space), 2 times, when the window is opened and then, when closed, inside and out, done by two workers (an additional service and is billed separately)
    • Applying suitable cleaner depending on dirt type
    • Squeegeeing off the cleaning solution and water
    • Wiping down window frames
    • Removing persistent dirt with a blade or soft cloth
    • Applying a streak-free drying solution
    • Squeegeeing to remove any remaining moisture
    • Using absorbent cloths to prevent streaks or smudges
    Window cleaning in Cape Coral from Goldmillio

    Regular window cleaning (simplified approach)

    We also offer a simplified window cleaning option for those seeking a cheaper and quicker service.

    This method is employed upon the client’s request or when the level of dirt is minimal.

    However, please note that this method is superficial and does not include the full window frames and sills cleaning. No vacuum cleaner is used; instead, moisture is removed from the frames using microfiber cloths to ensure they are completely dry.

    It’s important to be aware that the simplified approach may not effectively address paint stains or similar stubborn contaminants on the windows. In such cases, an additional service can be arranged for an extra fee.

    Goldmillio’s Professional Window Cleaning Services

    Professional window cleaning services are go-to choice for the best window cleaning solutions. We clean both interior and exterior surfaces. Our commitment to delivering top-quality results is complemented by reasonable and transparent pricing. We understand the importance of customization, providing services that can be tailored to your specific preferences. Whether you have individual wishes or unique requests, our team strives to accommodate them.

    Regular window cleaning

    Regular window washing service is the ideal choice to maintain the pristine appearance of your windows. It is a cost-effective and swift solution. We recommend scheduling this service at a frequency of at least once every three months, to ensure that your windows stay consistently clean. This option helps eliminate dust and dirt regularly, preventing the buildup of stubborn stains. By opting for regular window washing, you not only save on costs but also keep your windows looking their best throughout the year.

    Deep window cleaning

    When it comes to a more thorough and meticulous cleaning for your windows, our deep window washing service is the premium option. While it may come at a higher cost, it is the perfect choice for windows that haven’t been cleaned for an extended period or harboring ingrained stains such as paint spots. Deep window washing is also recommended for achieving spotless perfection, addressing not only the glass but also the sills, frames, screens and window rails. This comprehensive service is often chosen on a less frequent basis, such as every six months, to ensure the highest level of cleanliness and maintenance for your windows.

    Other Glass Cleaning Services

    Do you have another glass surfaces? Beyond windows, we specialize in cleaning any indoor or outdoor glass elements. Whether for businesses or homeowners, our services encompass comprehensive cleaning of glass walls or greenhouses, both inside and out. We also handle tasks such as washing dirty screens, as well as dusting sills. Whether you require a one-time deep cleaning or regular maintenance services, our flexible scheduling options, diverse cleaning expertise, and competitive pricing position us as the ideal choice for all your glass cleaning requirements.

    Special cleaning solutions

    We apply only specially formulated cleaning products designed exclusively for cleaning companies and not accessible to the general market. These products are distinguished by their eco-friendly natural composition, prioritizing the well-being people, pets and the environment. They excel in effectively eliminating entrenched, long-standing dirt and grime that adheres to surfaces, ensuring a thorough cleaning process.


    We hope you understand that we can`t publish the cost of washing for one window, as some companies do and indicate the starting price for this service from $99. It won’t be true. There are many details related to the size of windows, their height, design features.

    Therefore, you can find out the cost of your windows washing in just one action!

    Click the button below and describe the task by phone to our manager! It will take no more than 1 minute!

    Windows cleaning price in Cape Coral

    Window cleaning cost

    The cost for window cleaning depends on their type and number of panes. One pane in the window is one cell surrounded by a frame. Our service includes both inside and outside cleaning.

    In the following, you can see the cost per pane, according to the most frequent types of windows (for 1 side):

    Awning or Hopper window

    The smallest type of window, usually located high on the wall near the ceiling, and opening inside or out.

    The price is starting from $3 per pane for 1 side, so the accumulate cost for 2 sides will start from $6.

    The cost may vary because of few factors, like window size, accessibility and level of dirtiness.

    Hopper window cost

    Single hung window

    Standard single-hung windows with two panes are very popular at Cape Coral houses.

    The price is starting from $4 per pane for 1 side, so the accumulated cost per window for 2 sides will start from $16.

    Single hung window cost

    Double hung window

    Double-hung windows with two panes are as popular as single-hung type. The difference is that there are 2 moving panes.

    Price formation is identical, so the cost for 2 sides will start from $16.

    Double hung window cost

    Casement window

    The casement window can be opened and has one big pane.

    The price starts from $5 per 1 side, and from $10 for 2 sides.

    Casement window cost

    Single slider titl window

    This window has only one sash slides horizontally and tilts in for cleaning from inside.

    The price starts from $5 per pane for 1 side, and, the full cost for the window starts from $20 for 2 sides

    Single slider tilt window cost

    Side slider tilt window

    Slider windows consist of side-by-side panes that slide horizontally along the top and bottom tracks.

    The price starts from $6.5 per pane for 1 side, and, the full cost for the window starts from $26 for 2 sides.

    Side slider tilt window cost

    Bow window

    Bow windows extend beyond the exterior wall, but sweep away from the wall in an arch of four, five, or six windows. This window style is typically larger than the bay window and has more glass area because of a curve in lieu of corners.

    For example, the cost for bow window, that has 4 small panes and 4 bigger panes, will start from $68 for both interior and exterior sides.

    Bow window cost

    Bay window

    Usually, a bay window has three openings, available in angled projections.

    Each opening may has one big pane, of a few smaller.

    For window with 3 openings with one pane in each, the full cost will start from $22. Accordingly, if the window has more panes, the price will be higher.

    Bay window cost

    Fixed or Picture window

    The fixed window can`t be opened and has one big pane.

    The price starts from $8 per 1 side and from $16 for 2 sides.

    picture window cost

    Custom shaped window

    The custom shaped windows can be very various. Some of them have décor or diverse design, other – many panes. They have different sizes and individual shapes.

    The cost for 2 sides for the window, as in the picture on the right, will start from $44.

    Custom shaped window cost

    More comprehensive information you can read in our article: window cleaning cost

    Numerous companies offer window cleaning services, yet our service excels in leaving your windows immaculately pristine. We frequently receive accolades from our clients, who attest that their windows have never so clean, even when they were brand new. We invite you to verify it by ordering our window cleaning service.

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    Why to choose Goldmillio cleaning company for window washing?

    Premium quality

    Top-rated 5 stars services

    Сonvenient schedule

    24/7 working hours

    Affordable prices

    Pristine cleaning outcomes accompanied by reasonable pricing


    Professional and experienced young crew

    “Single window” approach

    Wide range of cleaning services

    Professioanl cleaning products

    Eco-friendly and Green Seal sertified

    Goldmillio Window Cleaning Service Area

    Goldmillio cleaning company offers exterior and interior window cleaning services in Cape Coral, Fort Myers and all neighboring areas.

    Cape Coral area includes North Cape, Del Prado, Southwest Cape, Southeast, Northeast Cape, Northwest Cape, Downtown, Mid Cape, Southeast Cape.
    Fort Myers area includes Eastwood, Edison Park Historic District, McGregor, Downtown, Whiskey Creek, Fort Myers Beach, and other.


    Based on 42 reviews
    Robyn Kuennemeier
    Robyn Kuennemeier
    My house looked amazing after the cleaning! I am a picky person when it comes to cleaning. I had a friend that had her own cleaning company and I thought she was the best but this company is right there with her. Thank you so much for being so good at what you do and to have great personalities along with it. Love, love, love you guys! ❤️ 😍 💖
    N A
    N A
    Punctuality ✅ Professionalism ✅ Quality service ✅ We had them do our windows, sliders, driveway and bathroom vents. They did an excellent job. My wife and I couldn’t stop talking about how clean the windows are. We bought our house new in 2015 and have never had the windows cleaned until now especially after hurricane Ian. We have some upgrades to get done on our home (interior paint, new flooring etc) after it’s all done we plan on using them for one deep cleaning and then regular cleaning afterwards. Reasonable pricing and worth every penny :)
    Laura Vinje
    Laura Vinje
    I’m so pleased with this company! They have cleaned my house twice. Each time cleaning with detail. I will have them come on a regular basis!
    Kim Keech
    Kim Keech
    I would definitely recommend Goldmillio Cleaning. They responded quickly to my initial call. They showed up on time and were very conscientious in their work. I had my bedroom carpets and indoor area rugs cleaned.
    Diane Trent
    Diane Trent
    Goldmillio cleaning team is outstanding. They worked very hard for 4 hours deep cleaning my home. It looks wonderful.
    marie laidler
    marie laidler
    Lana was very good at communicating (services offered, price, date & time of appt, reminder, etc). They did an excellent job of cleaning our house with lots of attention to detail. We are very pleased and highly recommend their services.
    Miss Vivian
    Miss Vivian
    The house had gotten behind in routine cleaning, and I was relieved when Goldmillio LLC was recommended. I requested the following: floor to ceiling, wall to wall cleaning in the house; the lanai, oh my, the lanai; the outside front entryway. You should see it ~ you would know what five stars means. They will now be doing our regular cleaning. Get them if you still can!
    Andrew Braunberger
    Andrew Braunberger
    They were very professional and thorough. My place feels like home again! I highly recommend them.
    Lindsay Boyan
    Lindsay Boyan
    Had a deep clean after a bathroom remodel. There was dust everywhere after 8 weeks of work and it was a JOY to come home to a clean house. Smelled great. No dust left anywhere. Highly recommend.

    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best price for window cleaning?

    On average, the cost of hiring a professional window cleaner is approximately $180 to $200, with most homeowners budgeting around $250 to $300 for a complete house cleaning. For example, the price for standard double-hung window is starting from $16 (for both sides) or from $8 per pane.

    What affects the cost of window cleaning?

    The cost of window cleaning is influenced by factors such as the number of windows, their size and shame, number of panes, the level of dirtiness, the cleaning method chosen, and any additional services required, like paint stain removal.

    What window cleaning methods do you use?

    We offer two service types with distinction of depth of cleaning. First is full deep cleaning, that includes all steps that need to be done for the pristine cleanliness. Second is simplified, it is cheaper, faster, but also superficial. Subsequently, the second type is convenient for light level of pollution.

    What cleaning products do you use for windows?

    We utilize specialized cleaning products that are custom-made for professional cleaning services. These products stand out for their environmentally friendly, natural ingredients, which prioritize your safety.

    Are window frames and sills included in the service, or is that an additional cost?

    Yes, the window frames and sills cleaning are included in both our services: deep comprehensive cleaning and simplified cleaning, but with the different approaches. In the case of deep cleaning, we use vacuum cleaner, cleaning solutions for washing and fast drying, microfiber clothes. Simplified approach involves only moisture removal using microfiber cloths.

    What happens if I don’t clean my windows over time?

    Overall, you may notice a gradual decrease the amount of light entering your home. As time passes, the accumulation of dirt particles can, in fact, etch or degrade the glass.