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Windows washing – Jan. 30, 2023

    Description of objects for cleaning

    Object: 3 bedroom and 2 1⁄2 bath home, 2000 square feet total in Cape Coral.
    Cleaning items: windows.

    The total number of windows: 18.
    Cleaners and equipment that were used in cleaning works: neutral and alkaline cleaners, scraper and retractable scraper, microfiber cleaning cloths.

    The windows were washed from the outside and inside, and additionally the window frames and window rails were cleaned at the customer’s request.
    The following is a description of the work`s process.

    Cleaning procedure

    Before starting the work, we prepared several window cleaning solutions. The first is a solution with a neutral cleaner for the main wash. With the help of this solution, a scraper and microfiber cloths, we removed street and household dirt. An alkaline cleaner did an excellent job with more difficult  dirt for removal, like grease and soot. Hard-to-remove matte formations (mineral deposits), we neutralized with a special paste. As it was necessary to wash the windows comprehensively, we washed the frames and rails inside and out before the main glass washing.

    The next step was to apply the solutions to the windows, starting with a solution for the main wash and simple dirt, and ending with products for removing complex dirt formations.


    in order to avoid the drips on the glass, it is necessary to clean up water after soaping from top to bottom, horizontally drawing the number eight. If the minor drips remain, we wipe them with a smooth microfiber cloth

    You can find out more useful information about our window cleaning service by clicking on this link: Window cleaning. If you have any questions or would like to order a service, please contact us.

    Here is a small photo report of the work carried out:

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