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Pressure washing-cleaning service

Pressure washing
in Cape Coral

Pressure washing in Cape Coral is one of our company’s services!
We will do an excellent job with any task: be it the facade of a house, driveway, fence
or other surfaces. All surfaces will be perfectly cleaned, as if they were new.

Pressure washing services in Cape Coral and all areas, FL

Pressure washing is a highly effective and efficient method of cleaning various surfaces. It uses high pressure water spraying to remove dirt, grime, mold, algae, grease and other stubborn dirt from a variety of surfaces, restoring them to their original beauty and functionality. Our pressure washing services are widely used on homes and commercial properties and have become a popular choice for revitalizing their surfaces for many of our clients, especially after heavy rain seasons.

The pressure washing package includes: concrete cleaning, tile and brick cleaning, sealing, fence cleaning and cleaning of other surfaces.

Pressure wvashing cleaning process

Cost of pressure washing in Cape Coral

Fill the form and find out the cost of pressure washing in Cape Coral for your house, windows, driveway, sidewalk, pool deck or parking lot. The average cost per square foot depends on the type of surface you need to cleen.

Also you can book the services with the fixed cost per hour.

Comprehensive information according price formation, you can find in our article: how much does pressure washing cost in Cape Coral, Florida

    Pressure washing services near me

    Looking for “pressure washing services near me” for your house or commercial property? The best cleaning company is near you. Discover our professional pressure washing service today. Restore your property’s former brilliance and cleanliness with our highly effective equipment and skilled team.
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    Pressure washing near me Cape Coral

    Pressure Washing Services in Cape Coral

    Say goodbye to unsightly stains and grime, and welcome a fresh, clean look to your property with the best pressure washing services in Cape Coral.Team of experienced professionals of Goldmillio company is dedicated to delivering high-quality pressure washing services tailored to meet your specific needs. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to ensure effective and safe results. Whether you need a one-time cleaning or a recurring maintenance plan, we have the expertise to revitalize your space.

    Our pressure washing services include:

    Exterior house
    sidings cleaning

    Sidewalk pressure







    Pool cage
    or lanai cleaning

    Pressure washing
    and sealing

    Surfaces, that can be pressure washed:



    Vinil Siding







    Residential and Commercial Pressure Washing Services in Cape Coral


    Goldmillio company has expertise to cater to the distinct requirements of both residential and commercial pressure washing services.

    In the residential realm, these services focus on the revitalization of homes, effectively eliminating dirt, grime, and stains from exterior surfaces to ensure a fresh and inviting aesthetic. Specialized attention is given to deck and patio cleaning, creating clean and safe outdoor spaces by eradicating mold, mildew, and accumulated dirt. Driveway and sidewalk cleaning services further contribute to enhancing the curb appeal of residential properties, addressing concerns like oil stains, tire marks, and other unsightly blemishes.

    On the commercial front, pressure washing services play a crucial role in maintaining a professional image. Thorough cleaning of building exteriors is undertaken, removing dirt, pollutants, and stains to present a polished appearance. Additionally, commercial pressure washing is instrumental in preserving various concrete surfaces, including parking lots and walkways, by efficiently removing oil stains, gum, and other contaminants..

    Both residential and commercial services offer tailored solutions, ensuring that the unique cleaning needs of different surfaces and materials are met with professionalism and expertise.

    Professional pressure cleaners in Cape Coral

    Whether it’s restoring the appearance of a home’s exterior, maintaining a commercial property’s professional image, or tackling industrial cleaning projects, Goldmillio professional pressure cleaners bring a level of skill and precision that ensures optimal results for you.

    We tailor our services to address specific cleaning requirements, ensuring that each job is approached with a customized and effective strategy.

    Cleaning detergents

    Using special detergents and our expert methods we provide damage free cleaning to remove:

    • Mold
    • Dirt
    • Mildew
    • Grime
    • Gum
    • Algae
    • Rust
    • Oil
    • Other Fluids Leaked from Vehicles

    Pressure washing process from Goldmillio

    The pressure washing process involves several steps to ensure thorough and effective cleaning. Here’s a breakdown of the typical steps involved in pressure washing:

    Assessment and preparation – step 1

    • Evaluate the surfaces to be cleaned, taking note of specific stains, contaminants, or delicate areas
    • Clear the area of any obstacles, movable objects, or items that may be sensitive to water pressure

    Application of ceaning solutions – step 2

    • Apply environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to the surfaces if there are stubborn stains, mold, mildew, or other contaminants
    • Allow the cleaning solution to dwell for the recommended time to break down and loosen the dirt

    Selection of nozzles and pressure settings – step 3

    • Choose the appropriate pressure washer nozzles based on the task (e.g., a wide fan nozzle for general cleaning or a narrow nozzle for concentrated pressure)
    • Adjust the pressure settings on the pressure washer machine according to the type of surface being cleaned to avoid damage

    Test spray – step 4

    • Conduct a test spray in an inconspicuous area to ensure that the pressure and nozzle selection are suitable for the surface without causing harm

    Methodical cleaning – step 5

    • Begin pressure washing systematically, working from top to bottom (for vertical surcafes) to prevent streaking
    • Maintain a consistent distance between the nozzle and the surface to ensure even cleaning

    Continuous motion – step 6

    • Keep the pressure washer wand in constant motion to prevent concentrated pressure in one area, which could cause damage
    • Overlapping each pass ensures thorough cleaning and uniform results

    Rinse and inspection – step 7

    • After completing the cleaning process, thoroughly rinse the surfaces to remove any remaining cleaning solution or debris
    • Inspect the cleaned surfaces to ensure satisfactory results and identify any areas that may require additional attention

    Sealing (if applicable) – step 8

    • For certain surfaces, especially concrete or stone, consider applying a protective sealant after the cleaning process
    • Sealing helps to preserve the cleanliness, protect against future stains, and enhance the overall longevity of the surfaces

    Post-Cleaning Care – step 9

    • Allow the cleaned surfaces to dry completely before assessing the final appearance
    • If necessary, apply protective sealants or coatings to enhance and prolong the cleanliness of the surfaces

    Clean-Up – step 10

    • Properly store equipment, and dispose of any cleaning solutions according to environmental regulations
    • Return any moved items or furniture to their original positions
    • By incorporating sealing into the process, you add an extra layer of protection to the cleaned surfaces, contributing to their long-term maintenance and visual appeal

    Cleaning of some objects takes several hours, and for some objects it is necessary to allocate up to 3 days. The difference is in the size of objects, their complexity and, of course, the volume of ordered services. In some cases it is necessary to repeat the pressure washing procedure several times, and between repetitions the surfaces must dry completely (up to 24 hours). Additional time is also needed for the sealing procedure, which may consist of the use of special high-strength sand and sealant, or just sealant.

    Benefits of pressure washing in Cape Coral from Goldmillio Cleaning Service

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    Why choose Goldmillio company in Cape Coral for pressure washing?


    Top-rated 5 stars services


    24/7 working hours


    Professional and experienced young crew


    Eco-friendly and Green Seal sertified

    Goldmillio Pressure Washing in Cape Coral Service Area

    Goldmillio cleaning company offers wide range of pressure washing services in Cape Coral, Fort Myers and all neighboring areas.

    Cape Coral area includes North Cape, Del Prado, Southwest Cape, Southeast, Northeast Cape, Northwest Cape, Downtown, Mid Cape, Southeast Cape.

    Fort Myers area includes Eastwood, Edison Park Historic District, McGregor, Downtown, Whiskey Creek, Fort Myers Beach, and other.

    Review of the pressure washing in Cape Coral from Goldmillio cleaning service

    Based on 42 reviews
    Robyn Kuennemeier
    Robyn Kuennemeier
    My house looked amazing after the cleaning! I am a picky person when it comes to cleaning. I had a friend that had her own cleaning company and I thought she was the best but this company is right there with her. Thank you so much for being so good at what you do and to have great personalities along with it. Love, love, love you guys! ❤️ 😍 💖
    N A
    N A
    Punctuality ✅ Professionalism ✅ Quality service ✅ We had them do our windows, sliders, driveway and bathroom vents. They did an excellent job. My wife and I couldn’t stop talking about how clean the windows are. We bought our house new in 2015 and have never had the windows cleaned until now especially after hurricane Ian. We have some upgrades to get done on our home (interior paint, new flooring etc) after it’s all done we plan on using them for one deep cleaning and then regular cleaning afterwards. Reasonable pricing and worth every penny :)
    Laura Vinje
    Laura Vinje
    I’m so pleased with this company! They have cleaned my house twice. Each time cleaning with detail. I will have them come on a regular basis!
    Kim Keech
    Kim Keech
    I would definitely recommend Goldmillio Cleaning. They responded quickly to my initial call. They showed up on time and were very conscientious in their work. I had my bedroom carpets and indoor area rugs cleaned.
    Diane Trent
    Diane Trent
    Goldmillio cleaning team is outstanding. They worked very hard for 4 hours deep cleaning my home. It looks wonderful.
    marie laidler
    marie laidler
    Lana was very good at communicating (services offered, price, date & time of appt, reminder, etc). They did an excellent job of cleaning our house with lots of attention to detail. We are very pleased and highly recommend their services.
    Miss Vivian
    Miss Vivian
    The house had gotten behind in routine cleaning, and I was relieved when Goldmillio LLC was recommended. I requested the following: floor to ceiling, wall to wall cleaning in the house; the lanai, oh my, the lanai; the outside front entryway. You should see it ~ you would know what five stars means. They will now be doing our regular cleaning. Get them if you still can!
    Andrew Braunberger
    Andrew Braunberger
    They were very professional and thorough. My place feels like home again! I highly recommend them.
    Lindsay Boyan
    Lindsay Boyan
    Had a deep clean after a bathroom remodel. There was dust everywhere after 8 weeks of work and it was a JOY to come home to a clean house. Smelled great. No dust left anywhere. Highly recommend.

    FAQ about Pressure Washing

    How much will it cost to pressure wash my home?

    The cost for pressure washing in Cape Coral, Florida is $0.4 per square foot, in average. For example, the pressure washing cost for the house sidings with 1800 total square feet will be $720.

    What does pressure washing service include?

    Pressure washing service includes clearing the area and getting rid of weeds, using pressure washing with various nozzles and attachments, setting up the equipment, using cleaning soultions (if necessary), using special sand and sealant for sealing. There are a few packages of pressure washing service. The most effective is pressure washing plus sealing, the effect of which lasts for several years.

    What objects do you pressure wash?

    We apply pressure washer during the cleaning: exterior house sidings, sidewalk, fence, driveway, patio, entrance, pooldeck, pool cage, lanai, shutters.

    What surfaces do you pressure wash?

    Pressure washing service is ideal for concrate, brick, vinyl, wood, metal, stone, stucco, plastic and tile surfaces.

    When is the best time of year to have my house pressure washed?

    In Cape Coral, Florida, the best time of year to have your house pressure washed is typically during the drier and milder months, which are fall, winter, or early spring. While these seasons are generally optimal, pressure washing can be done year-round. If your house requires urgent cleaning due to specific issues like mold or staining, you might consider scheduling the service as needed. Additionally, Goldmillio cleaning company has the equipment and expertise to work effectively in various weather conditions.

    What are the advantages of pressure washing a home?

    Pressure washing a home offers numerous advantages, including enhanced curb appeal, protection of property surfaces, and improvements in health and safety by removing mold and contaminants. Additionally, it serves as a cost-effective maintenance solution, leveraging professional expertise and specialized equipment for efficient and thorough cleaning.

    How often should I schedule my home pressure washing services?

    Many homeowners in Cape Coral schedule pressure washing services annually or semi-annually, and they know it is effective. However, assessing the condition of your home’s exterior regularly will help you determine if more frequent cleanings are necessary. You can get the free estimate of pressure washing cost for your property in Goldmillio cleaning company.

    How long does it take a house to dry after pressure washing services?

    Drying time depends on the type of surface, its material. Usually the total drying time of the house, or objects around it, after pressure washing services is up to 24 hours.

    Is there anything you should not pressure wash?

    There are certain surfaces and items that you should avoid pressure washing, as the high-pressure water can cause damage. Here are some examples: glass items, windows, old mortal joints, electrical fixtures, antique or fragile items etc.

    Will pressure washing remove paint?

    Yes, pressure washing has the potential to remove paint, especially if the paint is already loose, flaking, or in poor condition. To minimize the risk of unintentional paint removal, it’s crucial to: use a suitable pressure level; maintain an appropriate distance between the nozzle and the surface; test a small, inconspicuous area before proceeding to ensure the pressure doesn’t damage the paint.