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Pressure washing in Cape Coral – Nov 20, 2023

    Description of objects for cleaning

    Object: house in Cape Harbour community, Cape Coral.
    Cleaning items: pool deck and entrance.

    Additional service: house deep cleaning.

    Cleaners and equipment that were used in cleaning works:Green Seal certified cleaning products, pressure washer, vacuum cleaner, mop, microfiber cloths.

    Employing a high-pressure washer proves to be the optimal choice for efficiently cleaning the outdoor spaces, encompassing diverse surfaces such as walls, fences, the pool deck, pool cage, entrance and even outdoor furniture. In specific instances, utilizing a potent water jet alone suffices, particularly when confronting moderate levels of dirt. Alternatively, when faced with more persistent stains, we integrate specialized cleaning solutions, meticulously crafted for professional cleaning services. These solutions are adept at eliminating dirt, weeds, algae, and mold. Furthermore, clients can opt for a package that includes a sealing procedure utilizing sealants and polymeric sand. This proves to be an exceedingly effective method for reviving and renewing various surfaces, including concrete, brick, tiles, and more. For comprehensive information on pressure washing and sealing services, kindly explore the hyperlink furnished on our website: pressure washing Cape Coral.

    Cleaning procedure

    We’ve readied the house for Thanksgiving, ensuring it’s in pristine condition for the upcoming celebrations. A thorough high-pressure wash was administered to the pool deck and entrance, rejuvenating these spaces for a welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, an extensive deep cleaning of the entire house was conducted.


    • We moved the furniture, plants and decorative items near the entrance and the pool 
    • Prior to commencing the pressure washing procedure, we took the initiative to clear away any loose debris
    • Thus we guaranteed a comprehensive and efficient cleaning outcom

    Pool deck cleaning:

    • A potent high-pressure washing apparatus was utilized to efficiently cleanse the pool deck
    • Our team meticulously calibrated the pressure settings, taking into account the surface type, ensuring a cleaning process devoid of any potential damage
    • Maintaining a systematic approach, we guaranteed uniform coverage, methodically maneuvering the nozzle to eliminate dirt, unsightly stains, and mildew
    • In cases of tenacious stains or regions with a buildup of grime, we opted for an environmentally friendly cleaning solution
    • Giving utmost consideration to details, our focus extended to edges and the intricate junctures of the tiles where dirt tends to accumulate
    • Employing appropriate nozzles and techniques, we reached these areas effectively
    • To conclude, a comprehensive rinse was conducted on the pool deck, eliminating any residual cleaning solution or debris

    Entrance cleaning:

    • We employed a unique chemical formula designed to effectively eliminate dirt and stains
    • Utilizing a pressure washer equipped with a spray gun, we proceeded to cleanse various surfaces
    • Surfaces, that we cleaned: walls, porch shutters, the outdoor brick floor, windows, the door glass, and outdoor furniture
    • For window detailing, we utilized a neutral cleaner and microfiber cleaning cloths, ensuring the windows achieved an impeccable level of cleanliness and shine
    • Beyond the windows, our cleaning efforts extended to meticulously cleaning the window sill and frames

    House deep cleaning (additional service):

    • Commencing with the master bedroom and bathroom, our initial focus involved meticulous dusting on surfaces like sills, fans, door frames, furniture, and interior items
    • Special attention was dedicated to bathrooms, employing a degreaser for mirror detailing and ensuring thorough cleanliness and sanitization of countertops, toilets, and sinks
    • Dirt and mold were systematically treated and removed from ceramic, tile, and plumbing
    • Following the master bedroom, we seamlessly transitioned to cleaning other bedrooms and additional spaces
    • The kitchen, known for accumulating substantial dirt from regular cooking, received comprehensive attention
    • Specialized cleaning solutions and grease removers were utilized to restore pristine cleanliness, particularly in hard-to-reach areas
    • Thorough vacuuming of the couch was performed, accompanied by the application of conditioner for optimal maintenance
    • The final step involved floor vacuuming and mopping

    Here is a small photo report of the work carried out:

    Pressure washing – Nov 20 | Goldmillio cleaning service in Cape Coral
    Pressure washing – Nov 20 | Goldmillio cleaning service in Cape Coral
    Pressure washing – Nov 20 | Goldmillio cleaning service in Cape Coral
    Pressure washing – Nov 20 | Goldmillio cleaning service in Cape Coral

    Goldmillio Services for Cape Coral Residents

    While our website mainly highlights our core cleaning services, it’s crucial to underscore that we offer a broad spectrum of customized cleaning solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. Should you have questions or require assistance with any cleaning-related project, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at: house cleaning Cape Coral.

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