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Pressure washing and sealing – Oct 12, 2023

    Description of objects for cleaning

    Object: condo, residence Tarpon Point in Cape Coral.
    Cleaning items: terrace with tile floor, around 800 square feet.

    Cleaners and equipment that were used in cleaning works: cleaning detergents with Green Seal certification, pressure washer, special high-strength sand, sealant.

    Pressure washing and sealing for tile is an effective service for restoring and rejuvenating tiled surfaces. By using high-pressure methods to remove dirt, dust, and contaminants, followed by the application of specialized sealants, this service enhances the appearance of the tile while providing long-term protection against damage and moisture.

    The pressure washing package includes: concrete cleaning, tile and brick cleaning, sealing, fence cleaning and cleaning of other surfaces. More information about pressure washing and sealing: Pressure washing Cape Coral.

    Cleaning procedure

    The terrace had not been used for more than a year, so it was all overgrown with very tall grass.

    Step by step, here’s a detailed description of the process:

    Day 1:

    • We initiated the project by evaluating the state of the terrace to gauge the extent of cleaning and sealing needed
    • Subsequently, we cleared the space of any sizable debris and obstructions to guarantee a safe and effective cleaning process
    • All tile joints were liberally treated with a plant killing agent
    • We left the agent overnight for greater effect

    Day 2: 

    • Tile joints were once again treated with plant killer
    • Next, the entire terrace area was cleared of plant roots
    • Because the roots went deep, a lot of manual labor and special devices were used to remove it
    • The terrace was washed with a pressure washer
    • We cleaned the residues of detergent and dirt, and prepared the area for sealing

    Day 3:

    • After the tiles had dried, we started sealing
    • Tile joints were filled with special high-strength sand
    • The final step involved applying a high-quality sealer to protect and enhance the appearance of the terrace

    This meticulous three-day process involved treating the tile terrace, removing overgrown vegetation, cleaning the area thoroughly, and sealing it to both restore its appearance and protect it against future damage.

    This work was done at a high level of quality, using expensive professional materials, paying attention to all details and “every corner”.

    The result that we received will please the owners of the condo for several years.

    Here is a small photo report of the work carried out (intermediate result after using a plant, mold and moss killer, and – final result):

    Pressure washing and sealing – Oct 12 – it was before cleaning
    Pressure washing and sealing – Oct 12 | Goldmillio cleaning service in Cape Coral
    Pressure washing and sealing – Oct 12 – became after cleaning
    Pressure washing and sealing – Oct 12 | Goldmillio cleaning service in Cape Coral

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