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House deep cleaning vs regular cleaning

    One of the particular questions that our managers face when communicating with clients about House cleaning is what is the difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning. What are these services composed of and how often is each of them needed? In this article, we will take a closer look at each of them. You will learn the main differences, and, we hope, you will no longer doubt the choice of the service you need.

    The principle of successful cleaning

    The most important thing to remember is that standard (regular) cleaning does not work without deep cleaning.

    Of course, you can order only standard (regular) cleaning on an ongoing basis – once a week or bi-weekly. This type of cleaning is cheaper, but it does not use cleanliness to its full extent. No, this does not mean that this cleaning is of poor quality, but the purpose of this service is to keep the room clean. The task that regular house cleaning regulates is keeping cleanliness, but not it`s creation.

    Regular cleaning is a service for maintaining cleanliness in the house

    Unlike general cleaning, the task of which is to create an environment that is healthy and comfortable for living, by carefully cleaning all hard-to-reach places (where usually no one cleans and where there is always dust and debris). It is important to understand that deep cleaning creates a comfortable living environment in the house, and regular cleaning maintains it.

    Deep cleaning creates a healthy and comfortable atmosphere for living in the house
    Therefore, it is important that these 2 services work together:
    Deep cleaning should be carried out at least once every six months. In most cases, this is quite sufficient, provided that regular cleaning is carried out at least bi-weekly.
    To keep the house clean with a comfortable and healthy atmosphere, follow a simple formula: order deep cleaning one time in six months and maintain the cleanliness bi-weekly with regular cleaning

    This approach will allow you not overpay for unnecessary services and, at the same time, keep the house in perfect state of cleanliness.

    What else do you need to know?

    For each type of cleaning there are additional services, such as: furniture upholstery cleaning, window washing, stain removal, driveway cleaning. Each of them can be added to the main package, whether it is regular or deep house cleaning. Before starting the works, while free estimating, this is discussed individually.

    Free estimate

    Before working on a new object, we always come for a preliminary inspection of the house. This is necessary to evaluate all the factors that affect the cost of cleaning and its duration. These factors include: size of house, number of rooms and bathrooms, amount of furniture, total size of carpeting, types of surfaces, level of soiling, number of windows (if they need to be cleaned), size of yard and what is in it (if the outside cleaning is needed), as well as your individual wishes for additional services.

    Let’s take a closer look at what is included in the deep and regular cleaning packages.

    Standard, regular cleaning

    Standard or regular cleaning is cleaning that includes typical house cleaning tasks on an ongoing basis. For example, it can be cleaning of carpets, wooden floors, tile floors, dedusting surfaces of furniture, tables and decor items. Implied that this service is provided on an ongoing basis, according to the schedule. The frequency of such cleaning can be – 1 time per week, bi-weekly, 1 time per month.

    In addition to this cleaning package, you can order additional services such as bed linen change, dishwasher loading/unloading, garbage removal.

    How long does regular cleaning take?

    As a rule, regular cleaning takes 1.5-2 hours, assuming a 2-person cleaning team works in a house up to 2000 square feet.

    What is included in a standard house cleaning

    The entire list of services included in the regular cleaning package is given in the table below.

    What is considered deep cleaning?

    Deep cleaning, or general cleaning, is a more thorough type of cleaning service. It is distinguished by great attention to details, hard-to-reach places and rarely cleaned areas in the house. For example, it can be: cleaning of lighting fixtures, chandeliers, cornices, frames.

    How long does deep cleaning take?

    Deep cleaning can take up to 8 hours with 2 people working in a house up to 2000 square feet. As you can see, this is 4 times more than the time required for standard cleaning. It is very difficult to clean the house on your own for three reasons. It requires knowledge of the process, the necessary professional equipment and a variety of suitable cleaning products. For complex cleaning, we recommend using only green eco products that have “green seal” certification. These products are not available for direct sale. And that’s exactly what we use at Goldmillio.

    What does a deep cleaning include?

    All regular cleaning services are included in the deep cleaning package. Additionally, general cleaning includes more types of cleaning, such as detailed scrubbing, as well as more surfaces that are thoroughly cleaned. See the table below for a complete list of services.

    What services are included in deep and regular cleaning packages

    Premises/object of cleaningDeep cleaningRegular cleaning
    Kitchen. Wipe down and sanitize countertops, tables++
    Kitchen. Spot clean cabinets (exterior)++
    Kitchen. Clean face of appliances, including refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, oven and vent hood (exterior)++
    Kitchen. Clean inside of microwave++
    Kitchen. Wipe down stovetop++
    Kitchen. Clean and scrub inside and around sink, clean faucet++
    Kitchen. Dust furniture, pictures and knick-knacks++
    Kitchen. Clean exterior of trash can++
    Kitchen. Dust windowsills++
    Kitchen. Vacuuming and mop floor++
    Bedrooms and common areas. Make beds as needed, change sheets if added++
    Bedrooms and common areas. Dust all surfaces, furniture, light fixtures, pictures and knick-knacks, TV++
    Bedrooms and common areas. Dust window sills++
    Bedrooms and common areas. Clean mirrors++
    Bedrooms and common areas. Conditioning of upholstered furniture made of natural or artificial leather++
    Bedrooms and common areas. Spot clean patio doors++
    Bedrooms and common areas. Vacuum and mop floor++
    Bathrooms. General tidying Up++
    Bathrooms. Wipe down cabinets (exterior)++
    Bathrooms. Clean mirrors++
    Bathrooms. Clean and sanitize countertops and sinks++
    Bathrooms. Scrub and sanitize shower/tub++
    Bathrooms. Clean and sanitize toilets++
    Bathrooms. Vacuum and mopFloors++
    Laundry Room. Wipe down appliances++
    Laundry Room. Dust cabinets++
    Laundry Room. Vacuum and mop floor++
    All rooms. Clean door handles and door frames++
    All rooms. Empty trash++
    All rooms. Wipe switches and outlets++
    All rooms. Check cobwebs++
    Wipe/washing all baseboards+
    Dust/wet wipe blinds+
    Dust/wet wipe exterior cabinets/drawers+
    Detailed scrubbing in places where it is needed+
    Dust/wet wipe ceiling fans, chandeliers+
    Clean cobwebs+


    Now you know the difference between house regular cleaning and deep cleaning services. An integrated approach, using both of these services with the necessary frequency is the key to creating and maintaining cleanliness in the house. Remember that cheaper regular cleaning does not solve all house cleaning problems. These 2 types of services should be used in combination.

    Follow a simple principle: do deep cleaning once every 6 months and regular cleaning bi-weekly. And your house will always be clean, and the atmosphere in it will be comfortable, that will have a positive effect not only on your health, but also on your mood. This will create the comfort that is so necessary for family happiness!

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