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Carpet cleaning cost

    Creating coziness and comfort in the house is closely related to maintaining continual cleanliness. However, carpets play a particularly important role among all interior elements. We may sometimes not think about it, but carpets actually act as filters that accumulate dust, allergens, dirt and other tiny particles. In order for carpets to perform their task consistently and effectively, they are required regular and deep cleaning. This aspect becomes especially important when we understand that the cleanliness of carpets directly affects our health and overall well-being.
    Most of the carpeting in houses in Cape Coral is synthetic nylon. Synthetic fibers have their own characteristics, for which several types of cleaning are provided with a certain price range. We will talk about the cost of cleaning carpets of this type further.

    Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost

    Prices for professional carpet cleaning depend on the number of rooms and their area. Our pricing system is built on the accumulation of discounts depending on the number of rooms. Therefore, the more rooms that need cleaning, the cheaper cost of each room for you, and, accordingly, the total price.

    Regular carpet cleaning in a house with three rooms, a hall and stair will cost an average of $280 – $330.

    Deep cleaning is 50% more expensive, that is, 420 – 495 dollars.

    Next, we will talk in detail about how prices are formed, what these services consist of and what additional options are possible.

    Cost per room

    Regular cleaning cost without additional services is $95, low levels of soiling for a room up to 250 square feet. It is also called refresh cleaning. But each next room will cost you less. For example, if you need to clean carpets in 2 rooms, as long as the size of each room does not exceed 250 square feet, the cost per room will be $80. Accordingly, if the service is ordered for 3 rooms, the price for each will be already 75 dollars.

    A high level of soiling means more thorough cleaning like deep cleaning. Price for 1 room up to 250 square feet is $145. The pricing principle is the same as for regular cleaning.

    Cost per square foot

    The price for basic cleaning without additional services is calculated per room. But we can show an estimated price per square foot. It is not fixed, because it is deducted from the flat rate for a room up to 250 square feet. If the room is smaller than this area, the price per square foot goes up.

    For example, for a 250 square foot room, the price per square foot is about $0.38.

    Carpet Cleaning Prices by Cleaning Method

    Hot Water Extraction (HWE) Carpet Cleaning

    Hot water extraction is a carpet cleaning method when a special machine, warm water, and a powerful cleaner are used to remove all the dust and dirt from the carpet. Compared to conventional steam cleaning and dry cleaning, this method is considered to be more effective. This is because hot water extraction combines the power of machine pressure, cleaning agent and high temperatures. This cleaning method can remove even the most stubborn stains and extract dirt that is deeply embedded in the carpet fibers. The hot temperature that is used during the cleaning process will kill any germs and bacteria that may have accumulated on the carpet. The detergent will help to break down stubborn stains and dirt.

    Quick drying after the procedure is very important to avoid the appearance of mold and mildew. This procedure is included in our services for regular cleaning and deep cleaning, therefore it does not have an additional cost.

    Steam cleaning

    Steam cleaning is also known as deep cleaning or extraction cleaning. Unlike the previous method, much less water is used in this case. This is one of the most popular ways to clean modern carpets and rugs. It allows gentle cleaning and will not void the carpet warranty. This type of cleaning requires special professional equipment, which we use. It does not require quick drying, but on the contrary, carpets should dry for at least 24 hours.

    Shampoo Carpet Cleaning

    We have included shampooing and rinsing in the general price, so you do not have to pay extra for this stage of cleaning. Usually cleaning companies add 10-15% to the total cost.

    The shampooing step takes about 20 minutes. Vacuuming is required before shampooing to remove dry debris and dust.

    Dry Carpet Cleaning (Encapsulation)

    Dry cleaning, also known as low moisture cleaning or encapsulation. This method is chemical cleaner based rather than water based and excels at the level of the surface`s top cleaning. This approach allows you to clean the carpet better than just using shampoo. But with strong contamination of the fibers, a deeper cleaning is needed like steam cleaning.

    The main advantage of dry cleaning carpets is that drying takes very little time, so you can use your carpet 20 minutes after cleaning.

    Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

    This is a budget cleaning method, the process is fast and takes only 30 minutes to dry completely. Cleaning is carried out using a powerful rotating pad, it polishes the surface of the carpet. However, only the top surface layer is cleaned. Dirt and debris that are in the lower layers eventually rise to the top, which requires re-treatment.

    Carbonated Cleaning

    Carbonized cleaning is a more careful method with hot water than steam cleaning. Much less water is used, so the risk of mold and mildew is greatly reduced, just like drying.

    Green Cleaning

    Professional green eco cleaning costs a little more.

    However, this process uses non-toxic and organic cleaning agents. These natural cleaners also act as disinfectants and last for a long time providing a long term carpet cleaning solution. Our experts apply natural cleaners with steam extractors, using manual and automatic brushes.

    Regular cleaning cost

    For residential carpet cleaning, we use a flat rate per room up to 250 square feet. 

    Number of rooms and cost of regular carpet cleaning:

    Number of roomsTotal costCost per 1 room

    The cost for rooms from 250 square feet, we calculate individually for each client.

    Deep cleaning cost

    If the carpet has not been cleaned for a long time or it is dirty too much to do regular carpet cleaning, we apply deep carpet cleaning. Cost for deep cleaning is 50% higher than for regular.

    Number of rooms and cost of deep carpet cleaning:

    Number of roomsTotal costCost per 1 room

    Similarly to regular cleaning, deep carpet cleaning for rooms larger than 250 square feet are priced individually.

    Carpet Stain Removal Cost

    The removal of each stain is calculated separately.

    Prices range from $15 to $40 per stain, depending on the size of the stain, how difficult it is to remove, and the cleaning supplies needed.

    Often, most stains go away with an enzyme prespray and hot water extraction.

    For more complex, ingrained stains, as well as those that were subjected to self-cleaning, but did not disappear, specialized tools and methods are used.

    Removing stains also takes extra time.

    There are stains that cannot be removed because they have already changed the structure of the carpet. We always warn the client about such a possibility.

    Additional costs

    Spaces such as hall, stair are calculated by quantity or per square foot.

    Steps (stair cleaning) – $ 1.5 per step.

    Hall – $0.30 per square foot.

    Extra services also include the furniture moving – from $20 per hour for one employee.

    Other services or your personal wishes, we discuss additionally, by phone or during a free cost estimate.


    Sometimes we make special offers.

    Now there is a special offer for ordering regular cleaning services.

    2 rooms for only $99.

    3 rooms for $125.

    4 rooms at an incredible price of $150.

    The promotion is valid until 10/01/23.

    Stay tuned for updates on our website or contact us.

    Carpet Cleaning Process

    Quite often, while providing our carpet cleaning services in Cape Coral and Fort Myers, we encounter nylon carpets in bedrooms, living rooms, stairs and even home offices.

    For standard non-natural nylon carpets, regular carpet cleaning (or refreshing) includes: vacuuming with a hepa filter, using an enzyme pre-spray, brushing, extract cleaning with hot or cold water, with the addition of a detergent that is pH neutral and completely safe for health.

    Step by step process:

    1. First of all, we use vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters in order to collect dust, dry soil and debris. Some types of pollution cannot be wetted, because this makes cleaning very difficult. Therefore, the stage of dry cleaning is mandatory.
    2. After removing top surface debris, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of carpets for stains, their durability, age and origin. The goal is to determine which cleansers are needed for each type of stain, as well as to identify stains that will be difficult or impossible to remove. 
    3. There are cases when the nature of pollution remains unidentified. Then we conduct an additional analysis – we determine its pH level using water and litmus paper. We remove alkaline stains with acidic products, and acidic stains, respectively, with alkaline products.
    4. In order to prevent damage to the surface, we are extremely careful in solving the problem of removing stains. Therefore, a preliminary test is carried out on an inconspicuous area of ​​​​the carpet to observe the reaction of the fabric and the stain to the selected cleaner.
    5. The next step is the use of an enzyme prespray, which consists of a high concentration of enzymes that dissolve stubborn fats, protein stains and other spots. It is applied to the carpet for 10-15 minutes in order to activate the work of enzyme particles that absorb dirt and lift it from the depths of the carpet.
    6. We continue the process with brushing, that is, we use an automatic brush. Brushing enhances the effectiveness of the prespray and removes dirt from the fibers and base of the carpet.
    7. To completely remove dirt and spray residue, we use a hot water extractor machine. Cold water is used less often, such cleaning is more gentle, but less effective.
    8. If the level of soiling is high and we see that after all the cleaning steps there is still dirt in the carpet, the main cleaner is used for a deeper cleaning. As in the previous step, we use an extractor machine.
    9. Next, we apply shampoo or conditioner, and rinse. This process is also performed by the extractor. Rinsing effectively removes dirt residues and all applied chemicals from the carpet fibers.
    10. And the final stage of our work is combing the carpet. As usual, at the end of cleaning, we scent the carpet with a spray or foam with a light fresh aroma.
    11. Drying. Carpet dries naturally. If you need to speed up drying, we recommend to owners turn the air conditioner to 74-77 degrees Fahrenheit or turn on the ceiling fans. The usual drying time is 12-24 hours. If cleaning was made with minimal water use, the drying time is shortened.

    Carpet cleaning in Cape Coral

    The cost of carpet cleaning in Cape Coral depends on many factors: the type of cleaning, the condition of the carpets, the level of soiling, the presence of stains, their origin and age, and the size of the room. Consider what cleaning was made earlier and how long ago.

    Professional carpet cleaning is carried out using special equipment and high-quality detergents that are safe for human and animal health. Such solutions are produced for cleaning companies, they are not freely available.

    It is impossible to produce high-quality carpet cleaning on your own without knowledge, experience, special equipment and additional detergents. The process is not easy and requires special knowledge and skills, especially in cases involving the removal of stains or other serious contamination. Home DIY cleaning does not guarantee a solution to the problem. In addition, in case of the wrong choice of cleaning products, or their incorrect use, you can ruin the carpet.

    Cleaning services will cost much less than a new carpet. Estimated prices for basic cleaning: regular cleaning for 1 room up to 250 square feet – $95, deep cleaning – $145. Assuming a pricing system similar to ours, the unit cost of a room will decrease with each additional room. You may need additional services that are usually not included in the basic price. For example, removing difficult stains ($15-40 per stain), moving furniture (about $20 per hour, one worker), cleaning the hall ($0.3 per square foot) and stairs ($1.5 per step).


    What is the best way to clean a carpet?

    The best way to clean a carpet, make it fresh and look like new is to do deep cleaning or regular cleaning (according to the level of soiling) with hot water extraction. 

    How often should you vacuum your carpets?

    Carpets accumulate various types of debris, allergens and dust. To maintain cleanliness you should vacuum often used rooms at least twice a week, and less-used rooms – weekly. But don`t forget about professional regular and deep cleaning to prolong the lifetime of your carpets and to make it clean and fresh from the bottom to the top.

    How often should you deep clean your carpet?

    We recommend deep cleaning your carpets at least every 6 months. Frequency depends on traffic in your home.If you have kids and/or pets, deep cleaning is required every 3 months. This will keep your carpets like new and as clean as possible.

    How often should you shampoo your carpets?

    Shampooing and rinsing the carpets is included in regular cleaning or deep cleaning. It is recommended to make it every 3-6 months according to traffic in your home, children and pets presence and other factors. Professional advice: don`t shampoo carpets yourself. If you don’t have special equipment, the soap, shampoo or conditioner residue will stay in the carpet fibers. These residues will become covered in dirt and dust, especially in high-traffic lanes.

    How often should you steam clean your carpet?

    For most households, a general recommendation is to steam clean your carpets every 12 to 18 months. However, adjust this timeframe based on factors like foot traffic, presence of pets, and allergy concerns. High-traffic areas and homes with pets may benefit from more frequent steam cleaning, around every 6 to 12 months, while areas with less activity may extend to the 18-month mark. Regular vacuuming and prompt spot cleaning can help maintain carpet cleanliness between steam cleaning sessions. Always refer to manufacturer guidelines and consider professional advice for the best cleaning schedule tailored to your specific needs.

    Do you have to move furniture for carpet cleaners?

    No, you don’t have to move furniture yourself. But if you need this service, you should notify our employees before the cleaning and be ready to pay $20 per hour to one worker.

    How much does it cost to clean two rooms of carpet?

    The prices below are for rooms with areas up to 250 square feet.

    If we are talking about regular carpet cleaning in 2 rooms, the total cost is $160.

    And the cost of deep cleaning in 2 rooms is $240.

    These prices don`t include extra services like stubborn stain removal, furniture moving, stair and hall cleaning etc.

    How often to clean rugs?

    To maintain the condition and appearance of your rugs, it’s generally advisable to follow a cleaning schedule based on foot traffic and usage. For low-traffic areas an annual deep cleaning should suffice. Moderate-traffic spaces benefit from cleaning every 6 to 12 months. High-traffic zones may require cleaning every 3 to 6 months to prevent dirt buildup. Adjust this schedule for factors like pets, allergies, and spill incidents. Remember, regular vacuuming and prompt stain treatment contribute significantly to the longevity and cleanliness of your rugs.