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Perfect carpet deep cleaning in seven steps

    Deep cleaning of carpets is not a simple process that requires special knowledge and professional equipment. In this article we will describe in detail how deep cleaning is performed by Goldmillio. It only takes seven steps to get your carpet like new again! So let’s get started.

    This is important to know before cleaning

    During the time of providing cleaning services in Cape Coral and Fort Myers, in most homes we find nylon carpets in bedrooms, living rooms, stairways and even offices (offices in homes). Considering that these floorings are subject to daily wear and tear, especially in high-traffic areas (traffic lanes), they are needed in deep cleaning. This requires special equipment, auxiliary equipment and chemicals.

    Step one

    The first stage is a preliminary dry cleaning of the carpet with a vacuum cleaner to mechanically remove the accumulated debris and dust. We use vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters.

    Step two

    After vacuuming, we inspect the carpet for the presence of stains, their nature, durability, “old age”. The task is to determine the nature of the pollution in order to choose the right way to remove it.

    If we can`t determine the nature of the pollution, we determine its PH. To do this, we wet the stain with water and apply litmus paper. If the pH is “acidic”, we treat the stain with alkaline products and vice versa, we remove alkaline stains with acid products.

    Before starting to remove the stain, we conduct an examination: we check how the stain and the fabric react to the product. Such an examination is carried out in a small area in an inconspicuous place.

    After that and making the final decision regarding the cleaning agent for removing stains, the stains are eliminated. Sometimes stains can`t be removed in this way. And we will devote a separate article to this.

    Step three

    The third stage is the pre-treatment of the carpet with a prespray. We use a special enzyme product that is activated by diluting it with hot water. Prespray is applied to the carpet using a special pump. And it is left on the carpet for 10-15 minutes for the “work” of enzyme particles that absorb and “raise” the dirt from the depths of the carpet to the top of the fibers.

    Step four

    Afterwards, the specialist processes the carpet with an automatic brush for rubbing in order to activate the prespray and remove dirt from the fibers and the carpet base.

    Then the impurities are removed by the prespray extractor machine (carpet extractor).

    Step five

    The fifth stage is the application of the main cleaner for deeper cleaning and removing it along with mud deposits by the extractor.

    Step six

    The sixth stage is rinsing with a carpet conditioner. It is also carried out using the same extractor. Rinsing removes any remaining dirt and chemicals from the carpet.

    Step seven

    The seventh step is combing the carpet and deodorizing with a special aromatic carpet spray or foam spray, which fills the carpet and space with a pleasant aroma. After the carpet is dried naturally with the air conditioner turned on at a temperature of 74-77 Fahrenheit and the fans turned on to ensure constant air circulation. Usually the carpet dries in 12-24 hours.


    In this article, we have detailed our carpet deep cleaning method. Now you know what needs to be done to make the perfect carpet. It might even look better than new! Don’t believe it? Contact the cleaning service in Cape Coral Goldmillio – we will demonstrate it to you!