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Deep condo cleaning – Aug 20, 2023

    Description of objects for cleaning

    Object: the condo in Tarpon Point Marina residence, Cape Coral, about 2900 square feet. Condo with 3 bedrooms, 1 office, 3 1/2 bath, 1 lanai, 1 terrace. 
    Cleaning items:  all surfaces, from ceiling fans to floors. 

    Type of surfaces: natural stone, natural leather, vinyl, tiles, wood, plastic, ceramic.

    A few days before the cleaning, we came to inspect the apartment to make a free estimate of the cost and to predict the estimated cleaning time.

    We conducted the inspection and recommended a deep cleaning service to the client. The apartment was not cleaned in a systematic way, and accumulated dust deposits were found in hard-to-reach places. General (or deep) cleaning does not need to be carried out very often, once every six months is enough. However, such cleaning ensures the creation of cleanliness in all corners of the housing. In the following periods it is much easier and cheaper to maintain cleanliness with regular cleaning with the necessary frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly). Our recommendation is at least bi-weekly cleaning to maintain effective results.To know more about our regular cleaning and deep cleaning services: House cleaning near me.

    Cleaners and equipment that were used in cleaning works:

    vacuum cleaner with HEPA-filter, specialized eco-friendly detergents with green seal certification, various types of microfiber clothes.

    In the current case, a team of 2 workers completed the cleaning in 5 hours. 

    Cleaning procedure

    All living and non-living areas, furniture surfaces and floors were cleaned (dry vacuuming and wet cleaning).

    • At the beginning of each cleaning, we remove dust starting from the top of the premise, gradually moving to the bottom. Ceiling fans, chandeliers, paintings and their frames, window sills, tables, shelves, small interior items and other surfaces were cleaned.
    • The condo has a lot of glass and glossy surfaces. All steaks, greasy stains, dust and dirt have been removed, the natural shine has been restored.
    • Leather couches, fabric armchairs and chairs have been thoroughly vacuumed.
    • In the bathrooms, the tub, toilet and plumbing were cleaned and disinfected, and the tile was also washed. We got rid of the limescale, cleaned the tile joints and polished the faucets to a perfect shine. 
    • The cooking areas in the kitchen, sink and faucet were sanitized, all other surfaces were washed and dried. 
    • In the end, we vacuumed and washed the floors in the living areas, as well as on the lanai and terrace.

    Here is a small photo report of the work carried out:

    Goldmillio Services for Cape Coral Residents

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