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Deep cleaning in Cape Coral – Oct 25, 2023

    Description of objects for cleaning

    Object: house in Cape Coral, 2600 sq feet.
    Cleaning items:  4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, living room, kitchen.

    House features: high ceilings, a lot of knick-knacks, interior items and blinds.

    Cleaning team: 3 people.

    A deep cleaning is a comprehensive and thorough approach to maintaining a clean home. It goes beyond the regular cleaning routine, focusing on completely removing dirt, dust, and bacteria, even from hard-to-reach and less visible areas. Deep cleaning is usually recommended often every six months, taking into account how the space is used and whether there are pets in the household.Full and detailed information about deep cleaning service: deep cleaning Cape Coral.

    In our work we used the following cleaning solutions and equipment:

    Cleaning solutions: cleaners certified by Green Seal, a solution with a neutral pH designed for mirrors, windows and glass, a natural degreaser, an eco-friendly cleaner for tubs, showers, and toilets, a natural multi-surface disinfectant, a cooktop cleaner, a stain remover, a conditioner and an aromatic foam for carpets and rugs.

    Equipment and inventory: a vacuum cleaner with various nozzles, mop, ladder.

    Consumables:  a few types of soft microfiber cloths, washing sponges..

    Cleaning procedure

    We followed our authors’ checklist related to house deep cleaning. High ceilings, numerous knick-knacks, interior items and blinds were taken into account during the free estimate. These features influenced the selection of particular cleaning solutions and equipment.

    In the current case:

    We initiated our cleaning process by giving priority to the master bedroom and bathroom. We follow a systematic top-to-bottom approach in a circular way to ensure a thorough and all-encompassing cleaning.

    Bedrooms and living room:

    • Dusting surfaces, including shelves, knick-knacks, blinds, baseboards, tables, exterior cabinets, interior items and all other essential parts of the rooms, as well as electronic devices
    • Dusting and wiping high-placed ceilings fans
    • Clutter removal: clearing away any out-of-place objects and tidying up the rooms
    • Vacuuming the upholstery – couches and arm-chairs
    • Surface washing: using appropriate cleaning solutions to wet wipe down window sills, decorative items and other
    • Vacuuming and applying conditioner to carpets
    • Reorganization: adjusting any items and furniture that was moved during the cleaning process
    • The last surface, that we clean is floor: vacuuming and mopping


    • Commencing with the dusting of the bathrooms, which includes light fixtures, small items, exterior cabinets, shelves and vents
    • Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the toilets, tubs, and showers, with special attention to faucets and fixtures
    • Washing, disinfecting and drying the countertops and sinks
    • Mirror cleaning: using a suitable glass cleaner for mirrors, with no-streaks left
    • Washing and drying the bathroom floors
    • Returning any bathroom items and toiletries that were temporarily removed during the cleaning process


    • Decluttering: clearing the countertops and tidying up the surfaces by removing any objects
    • Appliance care: cleaning the exteriors of kitchen appliances, including the refrigerator, oven, microwave (inside and outside) and dishwasher
    • Countertop disinfection: thoroughly dusting, wiping and disinfecting
    • Sink cleaning: cleaning and disinfecting the sink, paying special attention to the faucet and drain
    • Cabinet doors: gently cleaning the cabinet doors
    • Floor maintenance: using a vacuum to clean the kitchen floor, followed by mopping it
    • Organizing items on the countertops and in the cabinets neatly
    • Final inspection

    Here is a small photo report of the work carried out:

    Deep cleaning – Oct 25 | Goldmillio cleaning service in Cape Coral
    Deep cleaning – Oct 25 | Goldmillio cleaning service in Cape Coral
    Deep cleaning – Oct 25 | Goldmillio cleaning service in Cape Coral

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