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Deep bathroom cleaning in Cape Coral – Nov 1, 2023

    Description of objects for cleaning

    Object: condo in Cape Coral.
    Cleaning items: bathroom shower.

    Goldmillio company offers a deep cleaning service using steam for bathroom showers. Employing specialized equipment that delivers high-temperature steam, we effectively remove stubborn stains, limescale, and soap scum buildup. This method not only ensures a sparkling clean appearance but also provides disinfection for surfaces.

    Deep cleaning for houses, apartments or condos is a service that ensures a complete restoration of cleanliness and order in your space. It involves a meticulous cleaning of every corner, starting with high-quality surface disinfection and concluding with the thorough removal of debris. Our experienced specialists utilize specialized cleaning agents and equipment to ensure the highest quality in the deep cleaning process. Complete information about thorough deep cleaning service is available below: deep cleaning Cape Coral.

    We applied the following cleaning products and equipment:

    Cleaning solutions: special anti-mold product, a spot-removing solution.

    Consumables: microfiber cloths with high density.

    Cleaning procedure

    Conducted a comprehensive deep cleaning of the shower in a condo located in Cape Coral, employing the following detailed steps.

    Step 1:  Mold treatment

    • Initiated the process by treating the tile surfaces and all grout lines with a specialized anti-mold solution
    • This step aimed to eradicate existing mold and create a protective barrier against future growth

    Step 2: Brushing technique

    • Utilized a meticulous brushing technique to ensure the even distribution of the anti-mold solution across the tiles and grout
    • This brushing action promoted deeper penetration of the cleaning agent for enhanced effectiveness

    Step 3: Professional steaming with varied attachments

    • Employed a high-quality professional steamer equipped with a range of attachments tailored for intricate areas
    • The steaming process not only facilitated the removal of residual mold and grime but also ensured a thorough disinfection of the entire shower space
    • Paid particular attention to hard-to-reach areas, including corners, crevices, and tile edges, using the appropriate steamer attachments
    • This meticulous approach aimed to leave no area untouched, guaranteeing a comprehensive cleaning outcome

    The combination of mold treatment, brushing, and professional steaming with varied attachments ensured not only the removal of visible contaminants but also the creation of a hygienic and sanitized shower environment.

    Here is a small photo report of the work carried out:

    Deep bathroom cleaning – Nov 1 | Goldmillio cleaning service in Cape Coral
    Deep bathroom cleaning – Nov 1 | Goldmillio cleaning service in Cape Coral

    Goldmillio Services for Cape Coral Residents

    Goldmillio is a specialist in providing professional cleaning services, committed to delivering outstanding cleanliness to your residence. Our individualized methodology guarantees elevated cleaning standards, extending to those challenging areas. To learn more about our primary services, visit: house cleaning Cape Coral. Feel free to reach out if you have any additional inquiries.

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